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In line with the admissions regulations for international schools in China, Wellington College International Hangzhou can only accept applications for pupils who hold an overseas passport, permanent residency or other valid international residence status.

Wellington College International Hangzhou is a selective school which, in line with our holistic educational philosophy, aims to admit boys and girls with a wide range of skills and capabilities including those who can demonstrate academic ability, an enthusiasm for arts, music, sports and service.

Other important characteristics are:

•     An international outlook and a desire to be a global citizen of the future

•     A willingness to work hard with a positive attitude towards learning

•     A desire to develop all Wellington Identities, to take full advantage of the opportunities on offer at Wellington and a commitment to making a positive contribution to the wider Wellington community

•     An aspiration to fulfill and live by the Wellington Values

The admissions process varies across the College and generally consists of an age appropriate academic evaluation; an assessment of cognitive ability; consideration of past school reports and references; review of co-curricular achievements; and an interview during which the pupil should be able to demonstrate a desire to attend Wellington and a willingness to participate in College life.

We do our upmost to make this process as welcoming and comfortable as possible and appropriate for our youngest and our older applicants.

Admissions Process

Our admissions process consists of several clear steps.

 Step 1:  Attend the College for a campus tour and introduction

We encourage all parents applying to our school to visit the campus for a short tour and introduction to the College. This gives us a valuable opportunity to get to know our community members more, and allows parents to gain a deeper insight into Wellington Values and Identity, our vision and mission, and our commitment to a holistic education. If you are unable to attend in person, due to researching the College from abroad, we can arrange a Skype chat, telephone introduction, or a tour once you arrive in Hangzhou.

Step 2: Submit an application by completing the Application form in OpenApply

If you have already created an OpenApply account: Log back into the OpenApply account you created when you submitted your registration of interest by clicking the ‘Sign In’ button.

If you have not created an OpenApply account before: Submit an application and create an OpenApply parent account by clicking here.

Step 3: Submit the required Application documents and pay the RMB 2,000 non-refundable Application Fee

If at any stage you require assistance with this step please contact admissions.

Step 4: Admissions Assessment Once you have completed the previous steps, a member of the Admissions team will assist you with the rest of the enrolment process, including any required admissions assessments. Details of the admissions assessments we require can be found in the Applying to Wellington booklet.

If at any stage in this process you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Department on (+86-571) 8239 6366 or via email at admissions.wcih@wellingtoncollege.cn

Guide to Year Groups

2019-2020 Academic Year
  • Year 1: 2013-09-01 to 2014-08-31
  • Year 2: 2012-09-01 to 2013-08-31
  • Year 3: 2011-09-01 to 2012-08-31
  • Year 4: 2010-09-01 to 2011-08-31
  • Year 5: 2009-09-01 to 2010-08-31
  • Year 6: 2008-09-01 to 2009-08-31
  • Year 7: 2007-09-01 to 2008-08-31
  • Year 8: 2006-09-01 to 2007-08-31
Available year groups for Academic Year 2019-2020 are Year 1 through to Year 8.

2020-2021 Academic Year
  • Year 1: 2014-09-01 to 2015-08-31
  • Year 2: 2013-09-01 to 2014-08-31
  • Year 3: 2012-09-01 to 2013-08-31
  • Year 4: 2011-09-01 to 2012-08-31
  • Year 5: 2010-09-01 to 2011-08-31
  • Year 6: 2009-09-01 to 2010-08-31
  • Year 7: 2008-09-01 to 2009-08-31
  • Year 8: 2007-09-01 to 2008-08-31
  • Year 9: 2006-09-01 to 2007-08-31
  • Year 10: 2005-09-01 to 2006-08-31
Available year groups for Academic Year 2020-2021 are Year 1 through to Year 10.

Below is a comparison chart that explains Year Groups in more detail, and their equivalents in other international education systems. To open this image in another window, please click here